Glare Of Deliverance – Crowdfunding Campaign

Hail Brothers and Sisters and welcome to the VERY FIRST METAL MUSIC SERIES 🔥 Glare of Deliverance 🔥⤵️

Imagine a tale about inquisition, suffering, and faith narrated with a sequence of videos…


It’s what we’re creating, but we can’t do that alone.

After successful tours around the world with bands like Lacuna Coil, Dark Tranquillity, Suffocation, Jinjer, Evergrey, and many more, we closed ourselves in the studio to create this sick project:

• 10 episodes
• 10 songs
• 10 videos
to tell the story of Eleanor, burned and victimized by the hand of the holy inquisition.

A great opera that will take you on a journey for more than 🎥 1 hour of pure metal music with cinematic and theatrical sessions 🎭

But we need YOU to give birth to this ambitious project.

Become a backer and you will be rewarded with:

🔹 exclusive and LIMITED merch (we will not print this album again)
🔹 you can JOIN the filming session as an actor/actress (!)
⭕️ … but first of all, you become the creator, who let this insane idea to become reality.

We’re already working on handcrafted masks and costumes for the clips, but we need your support to push it further.

Join the campaign at this link 👉

Thank you so much for your support! 🤘

P.S. Feel free to share it with your friends and fams