Glare Of Deliverance – Crowdfunding Trailer


Welcome to the 1st Metal Music Series!

We need your help to give birth to this ambitious and unique opera!

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For this new release we have an ambitious desire: give life to the first Metal Music Series.

It’s been a long time since we had this story in our mind and after two years of songwriting and studio production, the music was done. Thinking of how to complete the opera we realized that something special was necessary to transmit it to our fans; the same old album with the same old videoclip for a few singles were just not enough.

That’s why we decided to create this series: a story split in 10 episodes each one brought to you through 10 original songs and 10 videoclips.
The opera, which is called “Glare Of Deliverance”, tells about Eleanor, a young woman whom fell into the lingering grip of the Holy Inquisition. Trying to complete a misterious ritual she will undertake the path for deliverance struggling against the black friars.

To give you the quality that this opera deserves we believe that the best way to do it is to involve directly our fans and anyone curious to see this innovative music project.