“You Die in Roma” – New Music Video

Symphonic death metal quartet Genus Ordinis Dei are back in the spotlight with the release of a new music video for
the song ‘You Die in Roma’. The video was filmed at the Live Club in Milano, Italy while on tour in 2017. It was directed
by Giovanni Bottalico and Diego Alberghini of Melaz Studio. This is the third video from their latest full-length album Great Olden Dynasty which was released worldwide via Eclipse Records on November 24, 2017.

“The song You Die in Roma is about a gladiator who enters the arena” states vocalist Nick K. “We wanted to describe his
feelings, thoughts, and how gladiators really felt in that period. Many were deprived from their families, with some
treated as property, and used to provide entertainment for the crowd. We also decided to keep the name “Roma” in
Italian, first to remark our Italian origin and second, to honor the greatness of the roman empire.” Drummer Richard
Meis recalls filming of the video, “We shot this video at the very last minute, after coming back from almost forty days
on the road to play the remaining Italian gigs of the Delirium World Tour with Lacuna Coil. We were extremely pumped
to play our hometown show in such a beautiful venue in front of our families and closest friends.”